We have made our affiliate program as simple as possible, so that you know exactly how The Eclectic

Entrepreneurs can support you in your marketing and revenue goals! 


The Trainer Affiliate payout is simple. 

When you use your affiliate link to promote The Eclectic Entrepreneurs, and someone signs up for the $99/month membership, you will receive $40/month for each month that person is a member. 

You will be paid on the 15th of the month following your member’s sign up. 

The second tier of the Trainer Affiliate program is also simple!

If one of the members you have signed up becomes a Member Affiliate, they will make $20/month for each person they sign up, as long as that person is a member, and you will receive $5 for every person they sign up as well. 


You, as a Trainer Affiliate, sign up 100 members. 
You make $40/month from those 100 memberships, or $4000/month
Your first tier: 100 members

Your members each sign up 100 members. 
You make $5 month from those 10,000 memberships, or $50,000/month
Your second tier: 10,000 members

And, that is where it stops. Two tiers, but a huge amount of possibility for generating monthly revenue.