I am an absolute newbie when it comes to branding, so I signed up for the Legendary Logo Bootcamp to get more clarity on the logo designs as it is something that will stay with you. The course is well-structured and offers great clarity to the importance of the logo creations. The course covers step-by-step instructions and points out what to look for to avoid common logo mistakes. I definitely got more clarity and understanding of how my logo should look like. Now will head to the graphic designer 🙂


I found this course to be helpful at seeing my blind spots with my business. I have been clear about my purpose all along, but very broad in my approach. Thank you, Charlotte for the pointers in reaching my target audience!


I enjoyed learning more about networking marketing. I thought I knew some stuff about but I really didn’t know as much as I thought. Thank you for making this course. It was extremely helpful. 🙂


You were very helpful. I feel I will incorporate a lot what I have learned into my business to make it more successful. Thank you for the work and help you have given in this presentation. It was awesome.


Personal Development

The first thing I can attest to from this course, you mentioned in the final wrap up video, sometimes you need to let the universe or the river of life flow and take you to your next step. I have done just that, I found you through a desperate need to reach out externally through discomfort. you showing up on a Facebook ad for this beta test opportunity, I immediately signed up for it. In addition to the appropriate timing, the content and your soothing delivery truly helped me through a turbulent couple of days. Thank you!


I loved every bit of this – I wish I could speak like him. I have so many ideas that I want to talk to people like this. Help people to eat better and have a healthy lifestyle. I follow a similar principle – event+ response = Outcome. For a better outcome, I need to respond to the event in a better way.


I enjoyed this course. It was a great reminder to honor the similarities and differences in how people think while also focusing on how we can relate and work together in ways that magnify our strengths. I’m excited to learn more about my primary and secondary types toward making the personal improvements I need to make to continue communicating with others in ways that help them best.


I loved learning about the chakras a little more in depth. I’ve heard about them, but most people glance over the topic and so it was nice to have a course on the whole thing and hear more about it. Thanks!



Excellent kick-off to a “BETTER ME” through introduction to basic, foundation-building actions and ideas that I can apply immediately… all at my own pace… and a coach that is available to encourage and keep me motivated on my personal health journey!


I loved that Lisa gave specific examples of what she was talking about making it easier to relate what she was saying to my life. I also loved that she had a detailed handout so I could reference what I wanted to work on without having to rewatch the video!!


The lessons are short enough to complete in one sitting. I really enjoyed the expansion exercise. It’s going to be even more helpful as I serve my massage clients.


I was so Grateful that Shelly showed me how to love my body and recognized it as a sentient being. I was not raised in a positive loving household. I was never told I was pretty or talented. I was only acknowledge when I had done something wrong. I never grew up looking in a mirror or dressing for my body type. I never even knew I was pretty until my sister told me that I was, at the age of 21. Acknowledging my body has been amazing and it is responding by letting me know when I forget a body part or am not paying enough attention to what it is doing for me each and every second of the day. When you think about it the body gets zero time off. It never sleeps, it is healing itself 24/7 and keeps me alive so my Soul can experience this mortal existence. Thank you Shelly! I love my BODY!