The Social Media Courses

So, let’s get social! We want you to succeed at this social media game, because, it really is a game. Whether you are pinning or posting, tweeting or tubing, we are here to support you in your eclecticness (it’s a word) and help you use social media to move forward and not just scroll down. 

The key is in the words social and network. Which network do you use for what kind of social? 

We will help you break it down, so that you understand that Pinterest, YouTube and Google are search engines, and have a much longer shelf, er, search life than Facebook or Twitter. 

And all that stuff about analytics? Oh. Yeah. That. We’ll teach you some tricks there, too!

This portal is all about Social Media. So, if you are plagued by the never-ending analytics of Facebook and wondering what in the world to Pin, what are you waiting for?