You’re Way Better Than That!

This course is designed specifically for those who find themselves battling mediocrity. We live in a world where we are constantly told, “You’re Enough.”  “Just be you and that’s enough” is not what this course is about. You were meant for more. This course cuts straight to the point that You’re NOT Good Enough…You’re WAY Better Than That. By the end of the course, you will see yourself, your mindset, and your circumstances shift to greater abundance as you intentionally embrace excellence in your life.

Mindset #1: It’s All About You, but not like you think it is

Let’s start where you are right now, by accepting you for who you are, and open your mind to more awareness. When you become aware of something, you have a choice to make. If it seems scary or impossible, your conscious will kick in and make the choice as fast as possible. You have more to learn and embrace! You don’t need to be torn down, you just get to see a new awareness, make a new choice, and then take new action. You will learn what works and doesn’t work. 

Mindset #2: Do It Because It Makes You Better

How do know you are making the right choice? Make the choice that makes you better. When you use the filter and lens of doing it because it makes you better, you will be amazed at how many things fall into place for you. Your time and attention will be invested in what makes you better, and you will be improving yourself and becoming a new person. You will become a different person in the process. 

Mindset #3: One Step Up Makes All the Difference

One step up makes all the difference. We get frozen in our lives at points that we feel are insurmountable. This can happen in business and relationships. The core question you will ask around this mindset is, “What’s the smallest step that will make the greatest impact?” 

Mindset #4: Today Matters More Than Yesterday and More Than Tomorrow

Sometimes our own mindset is limited, and when we are working on bettering ourselves, we lose sight of the goals as we get buried in the daily details. This mindset focuses specifically on TODAY. Today matters more than yesterday, and even more than tomorrow. The time that you choose to dedicate right here and now is more important than yesterday or the future. You may have times that you need to pause what you are doing. When you focus on TODAY, you are focused on the “here and now” and that is when things get accomplished. 

Here’s your assignment, and most of you won’t do it. The challenge for most entrepreneurs is what is inside of your calendar and what you are doing day to day. Break your calendar into 15 minute chunks and for 7 days account for every 15 minutes of your day from 6am to 10pm. Track your time. Then, go back and look at what was time consuming towards your goal. 

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About Allen Roberds

I am Allen Roberds. I am a husband to a woman far beyond me in all aspects of life, and a father to 4 incredible girls who are growing into beautiful young women.

I coach only those who are serious about growing at accelerated rates, and reaching new heights they had only imagined were possible. I train only those who are seeking to increase their leadership lids, and blow the tops off of their capacities. I work only with businesses who grow their people, families who seek better relationships, and individuals who know that an intentional life is far more fulfilling than any other life. If you find yourself in any description above, then we should talk.

I am a John Maxwell certified Speaker, Trainer, and Coach. I believe strongly in the Maxwell Method of morals-based leadership. I use the Maxwell Method regularly in my personal life, as well as my professional settings. John is not only a mentor to me, but a friend, and I am grateful for his influence in my life. I use much of John’s material in my own. It has done nothing but increase my understanding and add value to what I already bring to the world. If you have a favorite John Maxwell book, then we should talk. If you have not heard of John Maxwell, then we should talk.


I am a DISC Certified Consultant and Trainer. If you are not aware of how you communicate to others. If you are not aware of how others communicate to you. If you feel you are always left out of the conversation, or the flip side, that nobody listens to what you have to say, then we should talk. If communication fascinates you, and you have not jumped headfirst into DISC, then we should talk.  

I am a humanitarian in the embryonic stage. Big shout out to Heidi Totten and 100 Humanitarians for helping me see this. I love opportunities to serve people of the world. Although my first ventures were to Mongolia, I have absolutely loved working in Kenya with 100 H. By the time this gets published, I will have returned from the Philippines, working with schools there as well. I love this aspect of my life. If you have been to Kenya, then we should talk. If you have not been to Kenya, then you should talk to Heidi, and then we should talk.

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