Here’s what most entrepreneurs do: 

(Even the ones who have been around awhile!)

Or, and this is even more frustrating,


Neither of which actually grow a business. 


Or maybe the voice in your head is saying:


“If I post 3 or 4 times a day, SOMEONE will see what I have to offer.”

“If I work just a few more hours a day, the payoff will happen. Hopefully.”

“I know I bought that Facebook Ads program, but where is my login?”

“Why do I keep going to the same events every month and never meet the right people?”

“If I have to listen to one more speaker and eat one more overcooked piece of chicken, I’ll scream.”


How’s that working out for you? 



In fact, we aren’t even interested in creating a super fancy scarcity embedded sales page. 


Isn’t that refreshing?

Nope, this isn’t a pitch. It’s just an invitation to try something innovative and different. 


The Eclectic Entrepreneurs is for you if you are:


  • A service-based entrepreneur, including a coach, mentor, network marketer, healer, etc.

  • Ready to choose what to learn, and when to make connections, rather than scroll…scroll…scroll…

  • Willing to invest time in learning the skills, tools, and resources that you need at the time you need them.

  • Willing to help people with the support that they need, and receive support in return.

  • Excited about collaborating with entrepreneurs all over the world

  • Passionate about having an impact and helping to solve problems.

  • Ready to invest in your education and connections for the affordable price of $99/month (no contract!)

  • Willing to make a residual income stream by sharing The Eclectic Entrepreneurs with others.

  • Willing to expand your comfort zone, receive support, and ask the question, “What else is possible?”.


The Eclectic Entrepreneurs is NOT for you if you are:


  • Convinced that a guru from a stage pitching a $25,000 program is the only way you will be successful.

  • Wanting a million dollar business, without having to do any work.

  • Looking to build your business using only “freebie” training (how’s that working for you?!)

  • Committed to staying in a comfort zone. 

  • Without a sense of humor (because, we are pretty entertaining!)

  • Just about making money, and not about creating connections and making an impact.


$99/month investment*
(Includes Everything, No Contract)

* plus tax


We created The Eclectic Entrepreneurs after working with hundreds of people who all

had the same three desires: 


  • They wanted to build a business that included support and collaboration.  

  • They wanted to be able to connect with people all over the world. 

  • They wanted to create residual income without being “salesy”.


However, what they kept experiencing was:


  • Competition

  • The same events, with the same people. 

  • Having to “sell” over and over again. 

So, as we built The Eclectic Entrepreneurs, we looked at all of those people and their businesses and said,



Rafikis, no two businesses are the same. 

The same marketing strategy will work differently for different businesses.

There is NO WAY you can follow one system and have it work the same way for you that it did for someone



The Eclectic Entrepreneurs is a collaborative educational and networking platform that can literally be

customized for every single person who uses it. It’s brilliant. 

We feel that while content is king, community is what builds the kingdom. 


If you have ever wondered how to combine learning what you need to know to move your business forward

when you need to learn it, and creating a network of incredible connections all over the world, you have

found your home. 


*Rafiki means friend in Swahili, and is the name of that wise old baboon from The Lion King. He would probably tell you to join The Eclectic Entrepreneurs, too. 

The Wheels Up Membership Includes:


  • Access to over 100 courses in 13 topics that will help you in every area of your life. 

  • Weekly masterminds where you can connect and collaborate with new people every week, all over the world.

  • Mini-Mindset videos and worksheets that will kickstart your week and keep you motivated.

  • Q&A opportunities with the course trainers, allowing you to connect with other members and discuss what you have learned. 

  • Opportunities to meet in person at retreats, expeditions, adventures, and events hosted by The Eclectic Entrepreneurs.

  • A profile in the Member Vault with your head shot, bio, and website link. 

  • The opportunity to submit inspirational and motivational videos for The Eclectic Entrepreneur Tribe in the Thought-Leader Thursday Portal. 

  • And, if we are being honest, whatever else our brains come up with! You get it all!


The Nitty Gritty Details to Help You Decide:


  • The courses are typically 4-6 weeks of videos, audios, and downloadable worksheets. You can take them in any order, at any time. 

  • The Mastermind opportunities are scheduled throughout the week to accommodate different time zones. You are free to join any of them in order to fit in your schedule. 

  • When you join the Wheels Up Membership, you are automatically approved as an “Influencer” Affiliate of The Eclectic Entrepreneurs, and will receive a $30/month per person payout for anyone who signs up as a member under your affiliate link.* Yes, we want to help you create residual income by referring people who need this, too!

  • The first 100 Founding Members will receive an uber cool t-shirt. 

  • Opportunities to vote on future courses on The Eclectic Entrepreneurs.

  • Seriously, whatever else our brains can come up with. We play to change the world.

*After our September 9, 2019 launch, any member who becomes an affiliate will receive a $20/month per person payout for any referred member. 

The Wheels Up Bonuses! 


 – $100 off any retreats, expeditions, excursions. (Founding 100 Members only!)


 – Free T-shirt by Tammy Fink (Founding 100 Members)


 – The Bonus Bundle (this is a benefit for all Wheels Up Members through August 31st)


 – VIP Upgrades at all Eclectic Entrepreneurs Events (Founding 100 Members)


 – Robust profile with your business links and headshots in our MemberVault (Founding 100 Members)


 – Immediate opportunity to become an affiliate of The Eclectic Entrepreneurs and get paid $30/month

for everyone you refer who upgrades to a paid membership. ​There is a bonus to this that you will find

when you join the tribe! (This is a benefit for all Wheels Up Members through August 31st)


 – A live Create Your Online Course to help you build out your training.

There is a later benefit that goes along with this, but you have to be a Founding 100 to see it!

(This is a benefit for Founding 100 Members)


And, if we are being honest, whatever else our brains come up with! You get it all!

$99/month investment*
(Includes Everything, No Contract)

* plus tax

Here’s what we have created for you:

(We aren’t kidding!)

And, even more exciting,


The Eclectic Entrepreneurs was created to give you choices.

So that the voice in your head might say:


“What do I get to learn today? Ooooh, I think I’ll choose a Mindset Module!”

“I’m going to follow up with those amazing people I met on The Mastermind last week.”

“I love going deep and discussing what I have learned with like-minded (and hearted) people.”

“I get to go to lunch with friends again!”

“I have so much more time and energy to work on growing my business!”


Ahhhh, that feels so much lighter. 



And finally, what we really want you to know is this: 

A percentage of your membership contribution every month goes to help fund grass-roots nonprofit

organizations seeking to make a difference in the world. We focus on helping organizations that help with

economic development, education, self-reliance, and entrepreneurship


You see, every entrepreneur we know has at one time sat at a table with friends having a conversation where


they came away from it saying, “We are going to change the world!” 


We agree. So let’s go do that. Together. 


$99/month investment*
(Includes Everything, No Contract)

* plus tax

Our promise to you is that we will do our best to continue to create a space and place for you to connect,

innovate, and have the impact that you want to have in the world. We will show up. We will play full out. We

will love, laugh, dream, and transform. Together. 

Will you join us?

Consider this your invitation. You can stay for a month, or a lifetime.