4 Ways to Jumpstart Your Business in 2020

How to Combat the Entrepreneur Squirrel Brain

One of the incredible benefits of online learning, is that you can do it on your own time, and at your own pace, and implement as needed. Unfortunately, sometimes that entrepreneurial squirrel brain kicks in, and you get distracted. 

Is that you?

Well, if it isn’t, you are in the wrong place, because we are The Eclectic Entrepreneurs for a reason! 

Fortunately, we have a course for that. When we get all squirrel brainy, we tune into one of the Big 5 mini-courses, and get our noggin’ back on track. 

One of our favorites is the 4 Part Jumpstart to Launch Your Purpose-Driven Business with the lovely Charlotte Varble. Charlotte teaches the 5 things we all need to remember about business: 

1. How the emotions, mind, spirit, body, and energy work together and independently are my jam. I currently connect this with business principles to help other purpose-driven, heart-centered people expand their influence, reach more people and create a business structure they can sustain and grow as big as they want.
2. Know your audience so you can speak to THE ONE. It’s all about THE ONE BABY!!
3. Gain the courage to step out and do what God has been calling you to do.
4. You are supported and loved as you fulfill your mission by people who GET you. You don’t have to do it alone.
5. You are worthy. You are worth it. You can take imperfect action and get the “perfect” results. You can do it now with where you’re at- you don’t have to wait until you have it all figured out!! News flash- that day will NEVER COME- so ACT NOW! Your people are waiting for you!!

Do you want to learn more? Go ahead and join The Eclectic Entrepreneurs below, and get free access to Charlotte’s mini-course!