What are the 6 Marketing Traps?

If marketing has ever felt gross, impossible, or inconsistent, you can make consistent money doing the work you love to do. So often, people blame their money mindset for inconsistent revenue in their business, but the root of lack of money is usually incongruent or inconsistent marketing. In this course, you’ll learn everything you need to completely change your relationship with marketing and create easy 1-page plans you can implement!

Trap #1 – Meditate Your Way to Money

A lot of really smart people get stuck in this trap! If you find yourself in this trap, you’ve got to start putting the mindset work into action. Mindset work without action turns into self-abuse, where the patterns keep repeating and nothing changes. You are not likely to feel 100% ready to start taking action. Embracing “done is better than perfect” will help! 

Trap #2 – Bust Your Butt Marketing

This is where you get scattered and all over the place. If you are in a constant hustle, and feeling like you need to work really hard for a few years to create a business that will support you later, you will simply go into burn-out. How you are doing it now, is how you are going to do it then. You pay the price somewhere. You may be making money, but the other areas of your life might be falling apart. 

Trap #3 – Avoider Marketing

You look like you are super busy, that aren’t growing YOUR business, but might be growing other peoples’ business. You are doing whatever you can in your business, but you are avoiding actually marketing. You may be doing things other than asking for the sale. Avoider marketing is connected to people who are unwilling to be visible, and don’t want to put themselves out there. Is that you? 

Trap #4 – Build it And They Will Come 

You are updating your website, your headshots, and it is never perfect. You are waiting for all of these things to be perfect, before you really put yourself out there, thinking that if it isn’t perfect, people won’t trust you. People need to know you exist! Stop rebranding and redoing your website, and start connecting with people who really want to work with you. 

Trap #5 – Cash Injection Marketing 

You feel like you are doing whatever it takes to make money month after month with nothing consistent. You might be working with clients you don’t love, just because you need the money. You feel like you are “just getting by” and not getting ahead. 

Trap #6 – Keep Creating 

You keep creating without actually allowing people to buy what you have created so far! If your business is the only source of creativity, then it makes sense that you keep creating, without people knowing what you do. When you are consistent, people start to trust that you will continue with what you have created. 

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About Angella Johnson

Intuitive Marketer. Artist. Wordsmith. Writer. Rebel. Introvert. Question Asker.

After investing a quarter of a million buckaroos on coaches and courses, Angella Johnson found some cold-hard-TRUTH:

Her soulful business could NOT fit into someone else’s paint-by-numbers formulas no matter how hard she worked.

(And neither can yours.)

When the promise of “work harder and push harder” led to burnout and breakdown, Angella burned down her business in 2012 to rebuild with her intuition and spiritual connection in the forefront.

That’s when she discovered that she wasn’t the only one who was craving soul with strategy. This ignited her mission to bring magic, joy, ease, and intuition along with messaging and marketing strategy that created real results for her clients.

As the creator of the Intuitive Marketing Matrix™ and the Soul Message Archetypes™, she blazes the path for entrepreneurs to trust themselves, break the rules, and radically change what they think is possible and make more money without the hustle or hype.


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