Are You Ready to Beatdown that Inner Bully? 

Inner Bully Beatdown is meant to give you quick easy tools to help your teens beatdown their inner bullies. To evict your inner bullies takes more than people telling you to, “Think positive.” I make it easy for you to comprehend and rise above the mental chaos.

This course was born because I was bullied as a child for my weight. Although I was able to eventually forgive those external bullies I couldn’t figure out how to move past bullying myself. Perhaps this is the greatest challenge of our day. How do you identify, select, and terminate these inner bullies? How do you repair the damage they have done as they made you miserable all these years?

We cover:

  • “Identity” and why Inner Bullies make it confusing. What’s an Inner Bully?
  • “Thoughts” – Take Control of your thoughts, because you listening.
  • Setting Goals – The Bully that plagues us all
  • Terminate Inner Bullies
  • Repair or Relapse
  • Accomplishment  – A Call For Greatness

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About Brittany Fowler

Brittany Fowler is an award winning speaker, an author, and mentor for her program the Inner Bully Beat-Down Treatment. She’s an international speaker and softball player. She’s been a triathlete, ballroom dancer, and was once a tackle football full back in high school. Her passion is helping women and teens be resilient and rise as stalwarts from the shackles of their inner bullies.


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