What does a healthy whole relationship look like?

Come learn what the 7 most basic needs are in a healthy committed relationship. We know when running your own business relationships can sometimes take a toll so we want to support you and ensure your success by continuing to nurture your most important relationships. What does a healthy whole relationship look like? It looks like having and practicing good character, using good communication skills, working on connecting through companionship, and creating hope in the commitments you make with one another by living in agreements. This course is broken up into 4 modules that you can do over 4 weeks or at your leisure. And I invite you to include your partner in the opportunity assignments.

My Why and The Smoke & The Fire

Welcome to Feeding the Starved Relationship mini-workshop. I am so glad you are investing some time with me today so you can learn how to feed your most important relationships to ensure that they are healthy and strong. We’ll get into the Smoke & Fire that are sabotaging our relationships and why this makes it difficult to Feed Our Relationship.

Feeding The 7 Basic Needs of Healthy Relationships

Just like our bodies are living entities and require certain activities to thrive, a relationship also must have the right nourishment to grow and THRIVE. This is where the 7 Basic Needs of Healthy Relationships come in. When those 7 needs are being met we are FEEDING our relationship and when those 7 needs are not being met it leads to feeling STARVED in your relationship.

The STARVED Spiral

When these 7 Basic Needs aren’t being met you begin to feel STARVED!!! Help I’m in a tornado and I’m stuck and cannot get out! How can we get out of this
downward spiral and start feeding one another?

Healthy=Whole (The 4 Courses to Feeding)

We discuss how a Healthy Relationship = a Whole Relationship. A healthy relationship is a whole relationship. To be whole means you are connected. My goal for creating a healthy relationship is to connect the important areas of your life. 

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About Sheri Vaughan

Endeavor Mentoring Services was founded in 2016 by Sheri Vaughan. She has been married to her sweetheart for over 24 years and they have two children. Together they have learned how to feed their once starved marriage and now live in creating their happily ever after each day.

Sheri holds a bachelor’s degree in Community Health Education and has been coaching people of all ages to improve their lives in many different aspects for over 20 years. Whether they are children, teens, or adults she has assists them to make healthier choices and create lasting healthy successful relationships. She also knows the importance and impact a coach or mentor can have on improving your life and has worked with many mentors and coaches over the years. She is certified as a Relationship Coach with Dr. Matt Townsend and facilitates and coaches the “Feeding The Starved Marriage” course.  

In addition to her passion of assisting couples create the relationships they desire, she enjoys traveling and being in the outdoors — hiking, running, exploring, and otherwise creating adventures. She also loves making beautiful, tasty, and healthy meals for family and friends. Service is an important part of her life and she enjoys volunteering in the community with a special place in her heart for doing outreach for the homeless community.  


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