Entrepreneurship has exploded over the past decade. New businesses begin every day,

all over the world! We have access to incredible training with the click of a button

and that is changing how we learn. 

​Eclectic Entrepreneurs are individuals who are interested in EVERYTHING

And this is where they play. 

It’s time to Expand Your Genius Zone.



Let’s start at the very beginning. A very good place, to start! 

We surveyed entrepreneurs from all areas of life, and guess what they said they want? 

So, we listened. We are kind of awesome sauce like that. And guess what happened?  

Introducing our weekly online networking hub. It’s way cool. And, by that we mean WAY cool. Each week, you will have the 


opportunity to connect with 5 other entrepreneurs, which means, that over the course of a month, you will create 20 new


connections just by showing up! 


Okay, got it? We want to hang out with you, so let’s hang out together, shall we? 

Next, we thought about the cool entrepreneurs we know, and what really lights them up. 

And, what we discovered, is that innovation happens by learning and expanding on the content created by 

those who have taken the road less traveled by. 

Let us join hands and learn together. Where shall we start? We have 13 different topics, with over 100 courses coming soon!

What do you want to learn today? 

Rafikis, it’s time. You will create connections. You will learn all the things. 

And then, we will go make an 

Come, share your stories about how you want to change the world. 

The Eclectic Entrepreneurs are working together to 

Now, get in the jeep. It’s time for your safari to start. 

P.S. Safari means “journey” in Swahili. 

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