Do You Want to Remember What You Learn?

Have you ever wanted to enhance your ability to learn a new topic? Be able to remember what you learned to teach to others or increase your personal knowledge base? This course will layout in simple brain-based neuroscience what it takes to learn and retain knowledge. You will gain 10 strategies to enhance your retention and learning environment. What will we cover in this course?

  • Relaxation aids in learning. You will learn the most effective way to instantly relax in a minute or less.  
  • What a Mindfulness Bell is and how to use one to your advantage.  
  • How long should you study to create the best learning environment and retention?    
  • Yes, you can daydream while learning. You will learn how this helps you retain information.  
  • We have heard it before “Write it down”, although what is the reason behind using old school pen and paper.  
  • What makes visualization an important tool in learning.  
  • Do I really need to rehearse and repeat? Yes! Especially if you are going to share with others your knowledge base.  
  • Taking breaks boost productivity and concentration. It really is important for you to implement.  
  • How developing an unwavering optimism improves your neural functioning.  
  • Use your intuition. Otherwise known as a gut feeling. You will learn how to harness and use this valuable tool to strengthen your learning and retention.

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About Kelly Bennett

Kelly is a certified NeuroCoach and holds a master’s degree in Social Work. She has over 20 years’ experience working with adults, teens, and seniors who have experienced trauma, grief and loss, chronic pain, financial challenges, and career transitions. She has a passion for assisting people find solutions that best fit their desires and needs. She does have prior experience working with people who have experienced significant trauma. By integrating traditional psychological strategies with mindfulness and brain-based neuroscience.


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