Now, the good stuff! 

Step One – Check your email for your login information. Also check SPAM, because, it happens! 

Step Two – Login to The Eclectic Entrepreneurs Platform, and start exploring a bit. Not all of the courses are 

uploaded, yet! Over the next few months, you will see changes each week. That’s the point of the beta test! 

We want to see how this works with real people (you!) using it as we build it.

We want you to know a few things right away.

We are about Connection and showing up. We expect you to show up, because we want to know you.

The Eclectic Entrepreneurs will continue to evolve, with Innovation and ideas at the heart of it. You will see

this platform updated and expanded during the Beta Test period. It’s all good! 

Just check your email every Friday for FOMO Friday, and you will get the updates on the changes.





Right now, you have access to all of the courses that are currently on The Eclectic Entrepreneurs, and

anything that is uploaded during the Beta Testing period. Cool, eh? 

So, what’s the catch, right? 

We want you to explore and play and give us feedback. We will notify you when new courses are uploaded in

our FOMO Friday email. We will let you know when we are opening up the full membership, so that if you

want to keep going, you have that option. That’s what a beta test is! The opportunity to test and try


We will be in beta test mode for at least 90 days, and then the membership with the full community will


However, you will have some unique affiliate opportunities and bonuses if you are one of our Founding 1000

members, so just keep that in the back of your noggin’ as an option. 

Go ahead and click on a topic below to get started. 

Join our pop-up Beta Test Facebook Group for updates. 

Watch your email on Fridays. 

Have fun! 




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