An Eclectic Entrepreneur is someone who wants to:

Learn all the things. Meet all the people. Go all the places. 

And change the world. Always, it’s about changing the world.

So, let’s do it together. 

(It’s Month to Month!)

I joined The Eclectic Entrepreneurs right away, knowing that I would get all of the training and connections that I would need for my business. I have been blown away by the courses that are on here! The connections I am making weekly with the trainers and members of The Eclectic Entrepreneurs are invaluable to my business growth. I’m so excited to keep playing!

Kayleen Baguley

Social Media Strategist

(The Membership includes EVERYTHING!)

If you are ready to ‘level up’ in your life the Eclectic Entrepreneur platform is the absolutely best place to be! I just can’t get enough and this is coming from someone that has spent a ton of money on learning. The more you know the easier life can be and for less than One Hundred dollars a month, you have access to Tens of Thousands of dollars worth of priceless trainings through the Eclectic Entrepreneur, right at your fingertips! I’m also really enjoying collaborating and being a part of the Eclectic Entrepreneur great community of like-minded people. I am literally recommending The EE to everyone I know! Come check out what all the excitement is about!

Laurie Hartley Moore

CEO, The Mind Body Medicine Woman

(Yes, Rafikis. ALL that!)

(We’re so excited to have you join us!)

The Founding 100 Member Benefits:

  1. $100 off any retreats, expeditions, and excursions. Five have already been planned for 2020!
  2. Free T-shirt by Tammy Fink
  3. The Bonus Bundle. Clarity Calls with our Trainers.
  4. VIP Upgrades at all Eclectic Entrepreneurs Events
  5. Robust profile with your business links and headshots in our Member Vault.
  6. Immediate opportunity to become an affiliate of The Eclectic Entrepreneurs and get paid $30/month for everyone you refer who upgrades to a paid membership. 
  7. A bonus Create Your Online Course with our CEO, Heidi Totten to help you build out training that can be featured on The Eclectic Entrepreneurs.

And, if we are being honest, whatever else our brains come up with! You get it all!

P.S. A portion of your membership will go to help fund project with 100 Humanitarians International that will help families around the world with hygiene, food production, and education! 

Heidi Totten

CEO, The Eclectic Entrepreneurs

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