How to Launch Your Purpose-Driven Business

There are key things you must know in order to launch a successful service or information based business. These things are vital in creating a healthy foundation for a structure that can grow and develop into a thriving business.

Get Clarity On Your Purpose

Your purpose is this calling within your soul to impact your world in a positive way. It’s about contribution and improving yourself and those within your influence. It’s living a life that’s more than just going through the mundane day to day, but having this underlying vision or motivation to do more and be more, to really dedicate your life to moving forward a greater work.

Types of Businesses: What is Your Model?

It’s important to know what type of business you want to create. Knowing this now will save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of frustration!! Business, at the base level, is solving problems for profit (getting paid to solve it). When you buy something, you’re buying a solution. This explanation is simplistic in nature, but it will give you a great idea of what model you will want to follow for your business goals.

Creating an Irresistible Offer

The secret to selling is not necessarily to become the best sales person on the planet. Learning techniques of selling is important in business– without cash flow, you have no business. The secret to selling your product or service is to create an amazing offer that is packed with value that your target customer legitimately wants and needs!

Get Quality Leads and Turn Them Into Paying Customers

If you want to sell your offer, you must know where and how to market it! For a long time I really wanted to understand the big picture of marketing. It helps me to break down the smaller steps when I can see the big picture. It is my intention to help you with that here.

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About Charlotte Varble

Charlotte is a Speaker, Author, and Business Coach. She has owned and operated a service-based business as an LMT since 2005, where she has assisted thousands of individuals. In January 2013 she expanded her business to speak and teach, both offline and online to help purpose-driven entrepreneurs grow a profitable and fulfilling business. Her specialty is helping entrepreneurs create total alignment by building healthy foundations in their business’ systems and structures and for themselves personally as an entrepreneur.  

Charlotte is the host of the podcast The Alignment Accelerator for Entrepreneurs and, with her husband, Kevin, is the co-creator of The Ultimate Business Accelerator online course and community and The Business Accelerator Retreat where they teach service-based entrepreneurs to get known, get paid, and get automated. Over the past 6 years she has created several online courses, communities and audios, authored a book and has been featured on radio, TV, magazines, and book compilations.

Aside from creating in business, Charlotte’s JOY is loving on her 4 young children, training for her next race, being in nature, and spending quality time with her handsome husband, Kevin. 

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